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Frequently asked Questions:


We always try to take off from the place for which you have reserved. However, we are dependent on the current weather conditions. This may mean that we have to change the take-off location on the day of the balloon flight. We take your wishes into account as much as possible.

Many starting locations we use are Barneveld, Veenendaal, Amersfoort, Putten, Wekerom, Otterlo, Wageningen, Apeldoorn, Woudenberg, Scherpenzeel, Voorthuizen, Kootwijkerbroek and Stroe.


If you indicate with your order via the website or by telephone that it is a gift voucher, we will send the tickets to a separate address or in a blank envelope. Write your wishes in the comments field.


Based on the KNMI's current balloon flight forecast, we decide every day whether the weather is suitable for ballooning or not. On the day of your balloon flight, we will contact you just after noon. If the weather that day is not suitable for the balloon flight, we will plan a new date in consultation with you. If you have a balloon flight with dinner, the dinner will also be on the new date.

The weather in the Netherlands is changeable. That is why we can only inform you on the day of your balloon flight whether or not the balloon flight can take place.

I suffer from fear of heights, what to do?

You really don't suffer from fear of heights in a hot air balloon, because there is no contact with the ground. Ballooning is also no problem for people who normally don't even dare to stand on a household ladder. Every year we take many passengers with us who suffer from fear of heights. Did you know that there are also balloon pilots who are afraid of heights!

What time do we have to be there?

The balloon rises in the evening about 2 hours before sunset. We need an hour to set up the balloon and get everything ready for the balloon flight. It is customary to be at the take-off field about 3 hours before sunset.

The schedule below gives an indication of the start time for the evening balloon flights.

Beginning Apr 4:30 pm - end Apr 5:30 pm
Beginning of May 5:30 pm - end of May 6:30 pm
Beginning Jun 6:30pm - end Jun 6:30pm
Beginning of Jul 6:30 pm - end of Jul 6:00 pm
Beginning Aug 5:30pm - end Aug 4:30pm
Beginning Sep 4:30 pm - End Sep 4:00 pm
Beginning of Oct 4:00 pm - end of Oct 3:00 pm

For the morning balloon rides, we gather about half an hour before daylight.

Is it cold in the air?

During the journey it is no colder in the basket than on the ground. Sporty clothing that you would wear during a bike ride is fine. Ballooning is an outdoor event; white jackets or pumps are definitely not recommended. We recommend sturdy shoes or boots. In warm weather, a cap against the burner heat is nice.

From what age can you join?

In principle, children can join from 1.4m (length). So age doesn't matter. Children aged 15 years or younger may accompany an adult. We would like to discuss older passengers (75+) with you first. It is important that each passenger is able to stand for at least an hour and hold themselves properly during the landing.

How do I know that the balloon flight will take place?

On the day of the balloon flight you will receive a text message between 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM. In this we state whether the balloon flight will continue. In addition, we will also inform you of the time and location where we expect you. If you have not heard from us by 1:00 PM and are scheduled for today, please contact us by phone.

How long is the gift voucher valid?

A gift voucher from Hot-R balloon flights cannot expire. The voucher remains valid until the balloon flight has been completed.

Pregnant and ballooning, is that possible?

You are pregnant? Congratulations! Enjoy the pregnancy and schedule the balloon flight at another time. We do not want to take the risk of anything happening to your unborn child. Contact us if you already have a balloon flight planned!

How long does the balloon flight take?

As soon as you are present we will start building the balloon. After the safety instruction we will inflate the balloon and prepare it for a nice flight. After hanging in the air for an hour, the pilot looks for a landing possibility. After the flight, we'll do the packing together and drive you back to the start location. All together we are on the move for 3 to 4 hours of which we are in the air for 1 hour.


Do you want to cancel the appointment yourself?

Number of days before the flight date  

Price per ticket



14 - 8


7 - 4


3 - 0


This also applies to pregnancy, death of family members / acquaintances, panic among family / acquaintances, and in case of not being able to pay for the booked package.

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