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Top panels

The upper panels are made of Hyperlast nylon. This fabric is extra strong and has a coating on both sides. This makes the balloon last longer. Usually only the top panels are made of Hyperlast, this is where the balloon is the warmest.

Bottom panels

This edge is made of Nomex. Nomex is a fire-resistant fabric so that the balloon does not catch fire if the burner touches the fabric. This fabric is also used to make firefighting clothing.

the basket

The basket under the balloon is made of rattan, a strong type of reed. The edges are made of woven willow and are finished with a pad surrounded by leather or suede. On the inside of the basket there are also cushions on the side and on the bottom to make it as comfortable as possible for the passengers.


At the top of the balloon is a parachute that the pilot can open with a rope. This opening is there to allow a large amount of warm air to escape very quickly. This will allow the balloon to lower quickly and in a controlled manner. The pilot mainly uses this during landing.

Middle panels

The main part consists of nylon fabric with a special coating. This fabric resembles the material that is also used for a parachute.

Turning vents

Here are a number of panels that the pilot can open slightly by means of a rope. Due to the air flow that is created, the balloon rotates on its axis. Usually one for counterclockwise rotation (black rope) and one for clockwise rotation (green rope).

Temperature flag

Inside the balloon hangs a colored flag with a fusible link. If the balloon gets too hot during flight, this flag will fall into the basket and the pilot will know that he is flying at the limit.

gas bottles

In the corners of the basket are gas bottles from 40 to 60 liters. These are 80% filled with liquid propane gas. This gas flows to the burners via the gas hoses.


Here, 1 liter of liquid propane is converted into 260 liters of gaseous propane. The burners produce a flame of 7 meters long with a temperature of up to 1600 degrees Celsius.

Frequently asked Questions

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The Flying Dutchman

Since 2020, Hot-R has been in possession of a beautiful special shape hot air balloon. This gigantic ship was built in 2014 for a Captain Morgen advertisement. After that, the ship was rarely seen again. In 2020 we had the opportunity to add this ship to our fleet. Since then, the ship has been named "The Flying Dutchman" and has been used during events around the world.

The Flying Dutchman